Thunderbird setup

Setting up Email Account with Thunderbird

Before starting:

  1. Make sure your domain name loads. If it doesn't load your your email account wont work.
  2. Make sure you have setup your email accounts at .

You are now ready to begin setting up your email accounts.

  1. Open Thunderbird
  2. Go to "Tools" and click on "Accounts Settings"

    Thunderbird Tutorial 1
  3. The "Account Settings" window will pop up. Click on "Add Account..."

    Thunderbird Tutorial 2
  4. This will start up the Account Wizard. Select Email account then click Next.

    Thunderbird Tutorial 3
  5. Enter your name and your Email address in the input boxes. This does NOT have to be your ""( you can use ",, etc). Then click Next.

    Thunderbird Tutorial 4
  6. You can select either POP or IMAP both are supported on our servers. If you plan on setting up your mail on many computers use IMAP.
    • POP: Download emails to your local computer and removes the copy from the server.
      • Good for preventing your E-Mail box from becoming slow or full!
      • Allows you to view emails offline.
      • Since the E-mails are downloaded and removed from the server. You can not receive E-mails on other computers you may have.
    • IMAP: Accesses E-mails only if when viewing them, allways keeping a copy on the server.
      • Good for accessing E-mails from many computers: from the office to your home.
      • Requires that you have a Internet connection when viewing E-mails

    Also fill in the Incoming Server to Then click Next

    Thunderbird Tutorial 5
  7. Now type in your username that you have setup from cpanel using the following format: "" Then click Next

    Thunderbird Tutorial 6
  8. Do the same here, put your Email account username. Then click Next

    Thunderbird Tutorial 7
  9. Just click Finish and you're done!

    Thunderbird Tutorial 8
  10. Now you need to setup a way of sending Email. To do this click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) in Account Settings
  11. Then click Add

    Thunderbird Tutorial 9
  12. Now fill in:
    • Description: Put your Email address
    • Server Name: Type in your mail server,
    • Port: You can put 25 or 26. If your isp is blocking port 25, which many do to prevent spam, then choose 26.
    • Make sure the checkbox is checked for "Use name and password"
    • User Name: Type in your full email address. Again, make sure you have created this account already in cpanel.
    • Make sure that TLS, if available is selected
    • Finally click OK
        Thunderbird Tutorial 9
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