How do I access my spam folder?

If you've configured your cPanel hosting account to use the "Spam Box" feature of SpamAssassin, mail identified as spam will be placed in a spam folder. However, you will not immediately see the spam folder because you must "Subscribe" to it.


Pop client (such as Outlook):

Your mail program has a way to subscribe to your new folders. Please refer to the help section of your program.

SquirrelMail Webmail:

  1. Visit the Webmail interface and choose SquirrelMail
  2. Click on "Folders" at the top
  3. Under the "Unsubscribe/Subscribe" area, select the folder and click "Subscribe"

Horde Webmail:

  1. Visit the Webmail interface and choose Horde
  2. Click on "Mail" at the top
  3. Click on "Options" at the top
  4. Click the "Server and Folder Information" link in the first column
  5. Under "Spam folder:" select "Create a new Spam folder".
  6. Enter the name spam and click Ok.

RoundCube Webmail:

  1. Visit the Webmail interface and choose RoundCube
  2. Click on "Personal Settings" at the top
  3. At the top, click on the "Folders" tab.
  4. Look to the bottom for "Create new folder" and in "Folder name:" type spam.
  5. Click the Create button.

Next time you login, you should see spam in your spam folder.

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