For those of you storing images on, I enabled proxy caching for images and icons (i.e. favicon). To paraphrase Google's best practices:

HTTP provides for proxy caching, which enables static resources to be cached on public web proxy servers, most notably those used by ISPs. This means that even first-time users to your site can benefit from caching: once a static resource has been requested by one user through the proxy, that resource is available for all other users whose requests go through that same proxy. Since those locations are likely to be in closer network proximity to your users than your servers, proxy caching can result in a significant reduction in network latency. Also, if enabled proxy caching effectively gives you free web site hosting, since responses served from proxy caches don't draw on your servers' bandwidth at all.

Note this does not include javascript, css, or web page (PHP, html) files as there are inherent issues with these.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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