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Different SSL Certificates

Are you looking to buy SSL certificates? This article contains information on popular providers of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates (such as verisign and thawte), price ranges for SSL certificates, and tips on choosing which SSL certificate to buy.

The CA, or certificate authority, is the entity that issues SSL certificates.

The three basic types of  SSL certificates are listed below:

Domain validated

The CA will confirm domain control by sending an email to the administrator listed with the registrar for the domain. If the authorized administrator does not reply, a second email will be sent to an email address at the domain such as info@ or support@. (You may select a secondary email address during the enrollment process.) In addition to validation by email, you will be asked to provide a telephone number where you can be reached immediately after submitting your enrollment. If everything checks out, the SSL certificate is issued.

Organizational validated

Organization Validated certificates are issued after the CA has verified domain control and conducted background checks into the company that owns the website.

Extended validation

Extended validation certificates offer the highest level of trust to the end-user and turn the address bar green during secure sessions. EV certificates are issued according the guidelines set out by the CA/Browser forum.

Different SSL certificates protect from one domain to multiple domains.

Single domain

The single domain SSL certificate protects one domain. It will protect and Validation is through an email and can be processed very quickly. The person who owns the domain is validated that the applicant owns it.

Single Domain Wildcard

A Wildcard SSL certificate provides the same encryption and authentication features as other SSL certificates. However, a Wildcard certificate can also be applied to unlimited subdomains of a site. Some sites utilize subdomains like A Wildcard SSL certificate supports the root domain ( as well as its subdomains.

Multidomain certificates

A multidomain certificate protect many domains with one certificate.