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How to set up PayPal autopay

Here is how to set up PayPal autopay for Smartlab Software Hosting.

1. Login to your Smartlab Software Hosting account by clicking on the link below.

2. Either click on button under 'Domains expiring soon' or button under 'Unpaid Invoices'

3. There will be 2 paypal orange buttons in the upper right. One for subscribe, one for check out. If you wish to subscribe (auto pay) click on that button and follow directions; otherwise click on check out button and follow directions.


There are three conditions that must be met for the PayPal subscribe button to appear:

  1. The invoice's Due Date must be in the future
  2. The invoice must contain at least 1 recurring product (ie. domains, billable items or addons on their own won't create subscriptions)
  3. The 'Force One Time Payments' option is UNticked on the payment gateway configuration page.

The subscribe button will not appear on past due invoices. The product must be recurring, such as hosting. If you have any questions, let us know.